Space saving tips for smaller homes

Floor space is sacred

Every square inch of floor space in your portable building home is important, meaning there’s no room for unnecessary clutter. In the portable building lifestyle, less is genuinely more. The less you have on the floor, the more floor you have! You increase your flexible movement area whenever you stack away shoes or select furnishings that fold away. The more floor space you have in your portable sleepout, the bigger and more open your smaller home appears!

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The benefits of hiring Portable Buildings in New Zealand

Whether your family home needs a spare bedroom or your small business needs an office, finding a space in the most cost efficient manner will be foremost on your mind. Rather than committing to a pricey commercial leasing or room-adding renovation, we’d like to offer a third option: renting a portable building.

Take a look at these portable building hire benefits below and see if any of these features stand out to you…

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Portable office hire: save sums and stress!

For the business on the go who would like to have its cake and eat it too (anywhere in New Zealand), a portable office unit from Portable Building Hire is the perfect solution. You can rent one of our portable office units at an affordable rate for as long as you need. Better yet, you’ll have the freedom to have your office anywhere you need, too! Because our portable offices are so easily transported, you can shift your business wherever and whenever you need, making a portable office the ideal space to suit real estate agencies and special events that need to shift every so often from town to town.

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The benefits of Portable Building Hire in New Zealand for Homeowners

Rooms aren’t the sort of thing that one can head down to their local warehouse and simply purchase and pop on the roof rack. Or are they? The cool convenience of Portable Building Hire’s portable units comes about as close as possible to the concept of ordering rooms for quick, painless delivery. Whatever your need, be it residential or professional, we’ve got a space that’ll suit your situation perfectly.

Let’s take a look at a few of our post poplar situations that require hiring a portable building in New Zealand…

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Making your portable building feel more like a home this Winter

Building a home in the winter can be a rough deal for kiwis. We get some gnarly wind and rain in addition to our long, cold nights. While waiting for their home to be renovated or constructed from scratch, many people opt to hire portable buildings in New Zealand to live in temporarily. Making these buildings ‘feel like home’ while you design and build your real home doesn’t have to be as uncomfortable as one might expect. Usually, when you picture living in a portable unit during construction (sometimes living on or near the unfinished construction site itself) the idea doesn’t evoke feelings of comfort and cosiness. We’re here to turn that expectation on its head!

In today’s blog, we’ll inspire your inner interior designer to transform and totally reimagine your views on hiring portable buildings to live in temporarily in New Zealand!

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The types of buildings you can hire with Portable Building Hire NZ

At Portable Building Hire, we understand just how much is involved in the establishment of a new construction site. Things are especially challenging in the winter when your team is forced to face harsh elements daily in the freezing cold wind and rain. Purpose-built shelter that’s both portable and practical is essential, and that’s where we come in. The team at Portable Building Hire have done all the hard work for you. You can have a complete site set up with a collection of our purpose-built portable buildings.

We have skillfully designed solutions for all your construction site needs, providing an unbeatable level of comfort and range of features to suite any team.

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How to prepare your Portable Building for Winter

Whether you’ve purchased or hired a portable unit to use this Winter, there’s a good chance you’ve already started to feel the chill! Living or working in one of our portable buildings can be just as comfortable (if not more so) than any other building. The space in your portable office or portable home is smaller and therefore easier to heat!

Here are the best ways to keep it cosy in your portable building as we head into the coldest months of 2018…

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Take your team seriously: hire a portable multi-office block

Hunting for the perfect floor or building in which to establish your company’s office can be a difficult and stressful task, especially in New Zealand’s biggest cities. Landing that perfect place to set up the team in cities such as Auckland or Wellington is expensive and competitive.

The team at Portable Building Hire can offer an affordable, convenient solution that’ll set your staff up quickly and efficiently. It’s called a Portable Multi-Office Block, and you’ll wish you’d known about these portable buildings sooner after reading today’s article!

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A solution for kiwi schools: hire a portable classroom

Kiwi schools country-wide have most likely found that, by now, their classes are brimming with students. The first few months of the year are notorious for late new additions popping up here and there; swelling the total roll of students, but by April/May, your school should have a pretty solid statistic for just how many students it can or cannot accommodate.

If you and your office have been going over the numbers, and it has become apparent that your school is practically bursting at the seams, then we have the perfect space-adding solution for you to consider!

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