Double glazing and your portable building – a match made in insulation heaven!

Fun fact: did you know that all of our buildings feature double glazing? We don’t let the portability or smaller size of our portable units dictate the quality of the materials. We kit out our portable buildings with top quality materials, and that includes premium insulation, heatpumps/airconditioning units, and of course double glazing on the windows.

So what difference will this feature make in the overall experience of your portable unit? Let’s take a closer look in today’s bog.

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A quick, convenient and customal portable classroom for 2019

The year is young and your students will be pouring back into school any second now. With each new year, you’ll often find your classes becoming smaller while your roll is ever-expanding. School expansion is expensive and time-consuming. It requires a lot of careful planning, preparation and can prove to be an annoyance and a distraction for teachers and students who will need to work through the construction noise. Not to mention the fact that staff and students alike will all be required to move around the taped-off construction area.

Fortunately, we have a speedy, convenient solution for your school. It’s called a portable classroom, and here’s how it’ll help your school accommodate more students in 2019…

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Better than a bach – hire a portable sleepout for the summer

Did your family manage to get away for the holidays? If you’ve got a favourite holiday location but you lack suitable accommodation, let us offer a perfect solution in the form of a portable sleepout. Our portable units are easily converted into summer homes. Complete with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and cupboards for storage, you’ll wish you’d thought to hire a portable building sooner for your family summer getaways!

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Hiring portable buildings will change your work lifestyle in 2019

Imagine having the freedom to work anywhere in New Zealand without sacrificing the comforts of a city job site. With Portable Building Hire, it’s possible to have both a lunchroom, meeting room, office hub and bathroom block anywhere you like! Make the call, place the order and simply point us in the right direction and you and your team could be enjoying the convenience and comfort of a portable unit in the ‘middle of nowhere’.

In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at what a day with portable units might look like for you and your workmates. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

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Invest in your small business in the New Year

Getting good office space can be an absolute mission, which is why the appeal of the home office has only grown in the past few years. With so many of us working more hours remotely thanks to the wonders of modern cloud technology and communication, a home office is an excellent solution for that much-needed single-purpose space you’ve been searching for. The best part is that you can make it happen in your own garden! Read today’s blog to find out how.

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Extended family incoming: hire a sleepout for the holidays

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Book a portable toilet block and portable building for first aid

Got a summer event coming up? While you’re busy planning the concert of the century, we’d like you to consider this as your friendly reminder of the facilities you’ll be needing from Portable Building Hire. There are a myriad of rules and regulations surrounding events being hosted in New Zealand, so to ensure that your event ticks all the right Health and Safety boxes, be sure to rent the following portable units for your next concert, festival or show…

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Take a tour of our portable units (with pictures)!

Whatever your portable building hire needs, we’ve got you covered! We have an extensive range of high-quality units available for you to order; custom-built and delivered to your door. Each of our portable units has been constructed from an insulated panelling system, ensuring comfortable insulation all year long. The panels with which we construct each portable unit (both interior and exterior) are durable and easy to clean, meaning our portable units last for years while being very low maintenance.

Without further delay, let’s take a look through each individual portable unit and appreciate its unique benefits, shall we?

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Why your dream home might not work on the property you’ve purchased

Our island country has a way of dictating what kind of designs we can get away with when plotting our houses across its oftentimes challenging terrain. Wellington, for example, is surrounded by seawater and set upon harsh, rocky hills that meet some of the world’s mightiest winds head on. If you’re designing a home in Wellington, we’d say it’s almost better to design a home for Wellington.

It takes a seasoned Wellington architect to navigate the harsh building terrain of our capital, but with come clever Wellington house design it is a totally achievable task.

Today’s blog will teach you how to achieve Wellington architecture, and a house design that’s ready for anything.

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