The Benefits of Portable Modular Classrooms

Portable classrooms (or modular classrooms) have quickly become the go-to option for schools looking to broaden their student body. With the perks of affordability, set up speed, and mobile efficiency, its easy to see why the portable alternative to traditional site-built structures has become such a popular solution.  

Schools often face challenges when an extra room is needed to host classes. Construction of a new room can be expensive, time consuming, and the construction work itself can often be distracting to other students.  

Let’s take a closer look at some of those advantages:


Unlike stationary site-built classrooms, portable classrooms can be up and on the move whenever and wherever you like, as long as you have the space. Portable classes can be transported to and from a school as needed, which is extremely convenient if extra space is only needed temporarily (for example, during exam season).


For many schools, a growing student body is an issue that requires an immediate solution. Portable modular classrooms can be constructed in up to half the time it takes to build a conventional structure. Depending on the immediacy of the problem, a modular classroom may prove to be the best solution due to its quick turnaround time. Generally a modular building can be built and delivered in as quickly as 12 weeks.


Depending of course on the level of customization you wish to apply to your portable building, you’ll most likely find its construction and delivery to be much cheaper than any quote a site-built room might total to.

With portable rooms, you’re also getting top-notch quality in your build. High standards are maintained in each detail of the build, and if the room can withstand the transportation process it can certainly handle many years of boisterous children!

Whether you’re looking to invest in a portable classroom for you’re ever-lengthening student roll, or you’re welcoming an exchanged class from overseas to study on campus, Portable Building Hire can set you up with an A+ classroom.


Tiny bedroom hacks

If you are growing tired of playing tetris with the furnishings in your small bedroom unit then struggle no more! We have a few instant-effect ideas that will ensure you are getting the function from your square feet.

To start, you’ll need to become a master of illusion.

The two most visually effective ways in which you can lengthen and increase your small space come down to correct use of curtains and mirrors. Long curtains (specifically floor-to-ceiling long) elongate the walls while large mirrors reflect the space and trick the mind into seeing double the room.

As for colour, do avoid dark shades.

‘The lighter the room the better’ is the rule of thumb for tiny places. Dark colours tend to close the space in on itself. Opting for lighter shades also allows for more natural light to be reflected in the room, which will enlighten the overall mood of the space for anyone dwelling within it.

Use every corner!

When people see a corner, the general first reaction is something along the lines of ‘which item of furniture can I successfully wedge in there?’ Do not be so quick to cram storage into corners. Instead of wasting valuable floor space: think up, not around! Start with triangle-shaped shelves you can stack at various widths going vertically up the corners of your room. Corner shelving less invasive (and oftentimes more stylish) than a full set of shelves sitting idly on your precious floor space.

In relation to your relations: more is more.

If you are constantly hosting family shindigs then you will absolutely understand the agony that comes with organizing everyone’s respective sleeping arrangements. Portable units are the perfect solution in these circumstances…especially when you have a luxury of subtly exiling the ‘noisy family’ away from the house. However you arrange your relatives, it might pay in the long run to opt for a collection of well-placed single beds rather than swallowing up your portable room’s floor space with one double bed.

Consider other possibilities such as bunk beds or trundle beds (single beds that have a separate slidable single stored discretely below, ready to roll out and go). With the leftover floor space, parents will have room to set up a cot for babies, or an inflatable mattress for a further family member’s sleeping arrangement. Ditching the classic double bed in favor of multiple singles might see couples sleeping singularly for a night or two, but they’ll thank you when they can avoid piling into a double bed with their children!

Student sleep-outs for semester two

Just when it feels like Christmas might have been just a little further back than yesterday…the middle of the year is here, and that means it’s time for a game of rental musical chairs for the students of New Zealand.

Students who are moving on from their flats, or newly arriving to town to begin a mid-year paper, tend to be searching with more haste and determination than those searching over the summer. Rooms are getting snapped up left, right and center… do you have space for a keen student?

A little more space is a welcome addition to any Kiwi home. We can easily achieve this with the help of a little self contained unit (or granny flat) in the garden. While it is always nice to have an extra room for visiting family and friends, the greatest benefit to having an extra room in the yard is, of course, the opportunity for profit!

Many are put-off the idea of arranging a room in the garden as it sounds like the makings of a complicated project requiring endless council fees, paperwork, and building consent. Planting a portable room (and an optionally temporary room at that) in the garden just eliminated all those potential problems from your ‘to do’ list.

According to the Department of Building and Housing, Kiwis are allowed to have a detached building in their garden without prior building consent, though it stresses that “all building work must comply with the New Zealand Building Code”. Fortunately, Portable Building Hire units have always and will always meet the high standards of this code.

If you are seeing the profitable possibilities that come with having such a space available for rent paying students (or perhaps visiting family members) then hiring a portable building could be the option for you! Get in touch with the team at Portable Building Hire today to arrange your mini abode right on time for winter…and second semester.

Need a portable smoko room?

The story of smoko is embedded deep within kiwi history. The term is a New Zealand/Australian term meaning ‘to take a quick cigarette break’, although nowadays smoko is less about the tobacco, and more about the coffee, tea, and snacks.

To partake in smoko meants to take a casual little break from work, usually around 10 or 11 in the morning. During smoko, workers can snack, enjoy the company of friends and coworkers, or just have a laugh and reflect on life. Even the occasional business deals were known to be done over a smoko break! Read More