How to prepare your Portable Building for Winter

Whether you’ve purchased or hired a portable unit to use this Winter, there’s a good chance you’ve already started to feel the chill! Living or working in one of our portable buildings can be just as comfortable (if not more so) than any other building. The space in your portable office or portable home is smaller and therefore easier to heat!

Here are the best ways to keep it cosy in your portable building as we head into the coldest months of 2018…

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Take your team seriously: hire a portable multi-office block

Hunting for the perfect floor or building in which to establish your company’s office can be a difficult and stressful task, especially in New Zealand’s biggest cities. Landing that perfect place to set up the team in cities such as Auckland or Wellington is expensive and competitive.

The team at Portable Building Hire can offer an affordable, convenient solution that’ll set your staff up quickly and efficiently. It’s called a Portable Multi-Office Block, and you’ll wish you’d known about these portable buildings sooner after reading today’s article!

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A solution for kiwi schools: hire a portable classroom

Kiwi schools country-wide have most likely found that, by now, their classes are brimming with students. The first few months of the year are notorious for late new additions popping up here and there; swelling the total roll of students, but by April/May, your school should have a pretty solid statistic for just how many students it can or cannot accommodate.

If you and your office have been going over the numbers, and it has become apparent that your school is practically bursting at the seams, then we have the perfect space-adding solution for you to consider!

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Cheating the property squeeze with a portable building hire

Getting into any sort of property right now is hard! Even if you can afford to buy, available properties are scarce and hotly contested. And if you’re one of the many students, young couples, “leaving-the-nesters”, or “chasing-the-dreamers” vying for a rental, you don’t have it any easier! The cost of renting is also sky-rocketing and will replace the cost of housing as New Zealand’s number one housing issue in 2018.

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Hire a portable point of sale for your motor store

New Zealand car yards can be a real hit and miss shopping experience thanks to the lack of office space in the car lot itself. Shoppers are generally forced to head through the showroom in search of a front desk, where they generally have to request a salesman to show them around (rather than having one waiting by the vehicles to meet and greet). On the other hand, many staff members are left to wander around their lots in all sorts of nasty weather, waiting for potential buyers to show up and give them a wave. Neither of these situations are professional or convenient, and they can be offputting during the transaction process of buying a new car.

The best solution for a convenient office in your car yard is a portable unit from Portable Building Hire, and here’s why…

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Say ‘Welcome home’ to homestay students with Portable Building Hire

Supporting homestay students is an excellent way to make some passive income while offering safety, comfort and hospitality to international youth. Be ready with the best possible accommodation to offer your school’s homestay students with one of our portable buildings!

International students will enjoy the convenience and comfort of a portable unit; somewhere they can call their ‘home away from home’ while staying with your family. Let’s take a look at the benefits your homestay student can enjoy when you hire a portable sleepout with Portable Building Hire:

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New Year: New Home? Living in your portable unit while building

While the year is young and the weather is warm, many hopeful kiwis begin the life-changing journey toward their dream home.

Summer (and February specifically) sees the start of many a hopeful dream home project, which means that a majority of your time and money are due to be concentrated here until its completion. While building, you’re often limited financially and proximity-wise for accommodation options.

The team at Portable Building Hire are here to offer a comfortable, convenient solution to that age-old issue!

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