Book a portable toilet block and portable building for first aid

Got a summer event coming up? While you’re busy planning the concert of the century, we’d like you to consider this as your friendly reminder of the facilities you’ll be needing from Portable Building Hire. There are a myriad of rules and regulations surrounding events being hosted in New Zealand, so to ensure that your event ticks all the right Health and Safety boxes, be sure to rent the following portable units for your next concert, festival or show…

Portable toilet blocks

An adequate number of toilet blocks are absolutely essential to any event. These must be available in numbers that befit the amount of people you’ll have at your event, with portable toilet blocks being required should you have food and drink at your event. Portable toilet block hire is vital. You’ll need a good location and easy access to the toilets for your guests.

Our portable toilets come equipped with every feature you might need, from sinks to urinals, private cubicles to showers. We’ve got your portable toilet hire needs covered!


Portable buildings for first aid and safety 

Each New Zealand event requires a reliable building in which attendees can be treated for injuries. Hiring a portable unit as a first aid station is essential, and a covered, walled space with a sink will give your professionals the facilities they need in which to perform basic first aid. You can continue to ensure the safety and welfare of your attendees by committing a portable unit to being the ‘lost and found’ shelter during the course of your event. Here, anyone who might be missing a loved one (or be lost themselves) can find respite while they wait for their friends and family to find them. You might like to wave a brightly-coloured banner outside this facility, and invest in a megaphone for announcing lost friends or family members to the masses.

Whatever your event building needs, the team at Portable Building Hire can be of service. Simply contact our friendly staff to secure your portable toilet block or portable unit for first aid today!