Profit off your portable building hire these holidays

Did you know there’s a way to turn in a profit while you’re basking in the summer sun these coming holidays? In fact, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to earn these pretty pennies! All you need is a portable sleepout, a spot of interior design and a pinch of hospitality and hey-presto – you’ve got yourself a holiday rental!

Wait, is it really that simple?

With portable building hire, delivery of your portable unit is as simple as placing an order and selecting a segment of your lawn to accommodate it. There’s no intimidating commitment with portable building rental: you can return your portable unit when the holiday season is over, and you can shift the portable unit easily around your section wherever and whenever you need.

If your section only sees sunlight in specific spaces during different seasons, a portable unit can be easily shifted with the sunlight. Just give the helpful team at portable building hire a call and we’ll sort out the shift!


What do I do once my portable sleepout arrives?

Get creative with your interior design and fill the space with practical sleeping arrangements for your guests. You can order a portable sleepout featuring a bathroom and a kitchenette, or if you plan to let guests share your own personal facilities then you can focus on making your single-room portable sleepout as comfortable and private as possible. You could go all out on a stylish double bed with fanciful side tables, or opt to maximise on the space with bunk beds (perfect for backpackers).

Figure out your target market of visitors and go from there with your decorating and furnishing


Head off and watch the dollars roll in

The best part about a portable sleepout, passive-income-generating holiday rental is that you can leave the property and enjoy a holiday while still making money. You don’t have to spend a single day in the office to earn these dollars! As long as you’ve fitted out your portable unit in compliance with the Airbnb or Bookabach standard of living arrangements, and you’ve got a trusted person to handle cleaning, linens and key keeping, you’re good to go!