Portable Lunch Room Hire – A Quick ‘How To’

With summer on the horizon, it’s important to ensure your workers have access to a safe, sheltered and preferably cooled room in which to spend their lunch breaks. Hiring a portable lunch room for your staff, especially on those long, hot summer days, shouldn’t be optional – it should be critical! Make a ‘smoko’ room a top priority for your staff before summer kicks in

When establishing the perfectly kitted-out portable lunch room, you’ll want to include the following must-haves…


Having a few coat hooks and some shelves is convenient and safe for your staff. It keeps coats, boots and other safety gear off the floor or backs of chairs, eliminating potential fire hazards. If you really want to go the extra mile for your staff, dedicate a portion of your portable building to a wall of lockable storage units. Phones, wallets, keys and other such belongings can be safely housed here, and we’re certain that your staff will love you for it!

You really can’t complain when your boss offers you personal storage now can you?


Air Conditioning and First Aid

Prepare for a big hi-five from your health and safety coordinator! We encourage all clients to include an air conditioning unit when they hire a portable unit from Portable Building Hire. We install full-sized air conditioning units that’ll keep you and your team cool while you rest and catch up on any project discussions in your portable lunch room.

You’ll also be free to house your first aid gear in this space. Order a big enough room and dedicate a portion to a medical station with a bed. If you’re catering for a larger crew, be sure to check hire a portable first aid room from our team, too!


Seating and Smoko

In addition to plenty of seating space, your portable building can include a kitchenette for convenient coffee and tea prep. We’ll give you enough bench space and sockets for staff to plug in a jug, microwave, mini fridge and blender – whatever you like!


Hiring a portable lunch room for your staff not only gives them a healthy and safe place to rest and recharge, it also shows that you care. When workers are made to feel like they matter, they’ll feel like their work matters and is worthy of their time and effort. Don’t make the job site all about work – make it about your workers with the help of Portable Building Hire!