Space saving tips for smaller homes

Floor space is sacred

Every square inch of floor space in your portable building home is important, meaning there’s no room for unnecessary clutter. In the portable building lifestyle, less is genuinely more. The less you have on the floor, the more floor you have! You increase your flexible movement area whenever you stack away shoes or select furnishings that fold away. The more floor space you have in your portable sleepout, the bigger and more open your smaller home appears!

Some tips for achieving more floor space from the Portable Building Hire team are:

  • Opt for furniture that folds away (chairs, tables, etc)
  • Swap your bed for a sofa bed to turn your bedroom into a living room or playroom during the day (more valuable floor space!)
  • If anything touches the floor, consider whether or not it really needs to be there, or if there might be an alternative storage spot for it (shoes, ornaments, toy boxes, coat hangers etc)
  • Wherever possible, try and install dual-purpose furnishings with built-in storage (if you’ve got a couch that doubles as a toy chest, you won’t need to place boxes of toys around your lounge space)


Level up!

Utilising vertical space is the most efficient way to win back valuable floor space in your portable unit. You can talk to the friendly team at Portable Building Hire about installing shelves on the walls of your portable unit to keep things like toys, books, linens and the like off your floors, we’re here to help make sure that your portable building rental feels as much like home as possible!

Mounting as much as you can on your walls is an excellent way to maximise the space that you have. The area above your head in your portable home is otherwise empty (and nobody needs to sleep or walk there), making it the perfect candidate for small space storage solutions.

Get creative with your storage, and stack whatever you possibly can. Store shoes in vertical shelves, mount your TV on the wall, and hang kitchen utensils from your roof – whatever small space storage solution you choose, it’ll win back a bit of valuable floor space for you and your family to enjoy!


Keen to get your family set up in the small house portable building lifestyle? Elegant, efficient, and oh-so-simple, our portable units are easily-transported for your convenience and offer comfortable interiors for kiwi families. Whether you’re renting a portable sleepout while you build a home, or you’re simply looking to downsize, get in touch with the team at Portable Building Hire today!