The benefits of hiring Portable Buildings in New Zealand

Whether your family home needs a spare bedroom or your small business needs an office, finding a space in the most cost efficient manner will be foremost on your mind. Rather than committing to a pricey commercial leasing or room-adding renovation, we’d like to offer a third option: renting a portable building.

Take a look at these portable building hire benefits below and see if any of these features stand out to you…

Portable units can offer multi-purpose usage

We’ve got a portable unit to suit any of your needs, be it work or lifestyle related. Portable buildings have been intelligently designed to offer endless versatility, meaning the space can easily be converted from a bedroom to an office with no disruption to the rest of your family home. For example, if your portable sleepout were to be sitting on your family lawn and you found that its use as a granny flat lessened over time, you could easily convert the space to a private office, studio or gym! There’s a lot to be said for having a seperate and dedicated space committed to your needs, rather than having to share the noisy, busy space inside your family home.

If you’re looking for versatility with minimal disruption to your lifestyle, look no further than our portable units.


Our portable buildings come in a range of sizes and types

We’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from when it comes time to place your offer for a portable unit. From cosy sleepouts to portable toilet blocks, we’ve got something for everyone!  Our smallest portable building is the sleepout (or granny flat) measuring 4.2m x 2.4m. Our largest option is the Multi Office Unit which comfortably manages a shared office space of 12m x 3m. We have many options in between so you can select the best unit to fit the job.


Keep an eye out for more blogs detailing more benefits of our versatile portable units. Remember, the biggest benefit associated with Portable Building Hire is in the name: they’re super portable!