Portable office hire: save sums and stress!

For the business on the go who would like to have its cake and eat it too (anywhere in New Zealand), a portable office unit from Portable Building Hire is the perfect solution. You can rent one of our portable office units at an affordable rate for as long as you need. Better yet, you’ll have the freedom to have your office anywhere you need, too! Because our portable offices are so easily transported, you can shift your business wherever and whenever you need, making a portable office the ideal space to suit real estate agencies and special events that need to shift every so often from town to town.

Does work take you from town to town? Our solution: take it with you!

Rather than forking out crazy funds to rent out spaces in each new town that you travel to for work, you can take your office with you thanks to our very portable buildings. Each portable office has been designed to sit comfortably on a small section while remaining easily-accessible and movable.

The cost of transporting your office from town to town will be cheaper in the long run, as you won’t have to waste weeks hunting for retail or office spaces ‘for hire’, buying new office furnishings, or paying for movers to shift your gear all over NZ. You’ll also mercifully avoid paying copious bond money in each new location, as well as the ever-irksome issue of arranging for your leased space to be inspected and your bond to be returned when it comes time for you to move on.

Keep everything conveniently arranged in your portable office from Portable Building Hire, and don’t worry about packing up or renegotiating beyond the simple call to shift your portable unit!


Does a portable office unit sound like the perfect solution for your ever-shifting business? Does setting up camp in multiple locations across New Zealand sound less daunting with the help of Portable Building Hire? We can’t wait to get started on your portable office solution: so get in contact with our team today to start discussing your exciting new endeavor!