The benefits of Portable Building Hire in New Zealand for Homeowners

Rooms aren’t the sort of thing that one can head down to their local warehouse and simply purchase and pop on the roof rack. Or are they? The cool convenience of Portable Building Hire’s portable units comes about as close as possible to the concept of ordering rooms for quick, painless delivery. Whatever your need, be it residential or professional, we’ve got a space that’ll suit your situation perfectly.

Let’s take a look at a few of our post poplar situations that require hiring a portable building in New Zealand…

Residential benefits

Homeowners in need of more space have relied upon our convenient portable sleepouts for years. Sometimes you simply can’t ‘add on’ another room to your home, or sacrifice a space for another bedroom or office. Instead, families have opted to rent – or even purchase – portable units as portable sleepouts on their properties for a family member or guest room.

With Portable Building Hire, you get the convenience of an extra room with zero commitments: rent the space and have it removed or simply shifted at whim – you’ve got nothing to lose and metres of helpful space to gain!


Real Estate Investor benefits

With so many kiwis jumping on the property investment bandwagon, we’re quickly running out of space upon which to install new renters to initiate that sweet sweet passive income. If you’ve purchased a property upon which to build a rental home, but you’ve run out of either time or funds, a portable building could be the perfect solution for you. Quick, convenient and very affordable, a portable unit can sit on your section, providing comfortable shelter for your renters and ensuring your income flow sooner rather than later.


We’ve got a few more popular uses for portable units to share with you in our next blog, coming later this month. If one of the above portable sleepout scenarios sounds like your own predicament, and you’d like to rent a portable building solution to get that extra space sooner rather than later, get in touch with Portable Building Hire today!