Making your portable building feel more like a home this Winter

Building a home in the winter can be a rough deal for kiwis. We get some gnarly wind and rain in addition to our long, cold nights. While waiting for their home to be renovated or constructed from scratch, many people opt to hire portable buildings in New Zealand to live in temporarily. Making these buildings ‘feel like home’ while you design and build your real home doesn’t have to be as uncomfortable as one might expect. Usually, when you picture living in a portable unit during construction (sometimes living on or near the unfinished construction site itself) the idea doesn’t evoke feelings of comfort and cosiness. We’re here to turn that expectation on its head!

In today’s blog, we’ll inspire your inner interior designer to transform and totally reimagine your views on hiring portable buildings to live in temporarily in New Zealand!


Step one: hire a sleepout with a heatpump

That’s right, our portable units can be delivered anywhere in New Zealand, fitted with powerful heat pumps that will warm up your entire living space in minutes! This, we have to admit, is one of the benefits of living in a smaller space…it doesn’t take long to heat, and when things are warm, they generally hold their heat for longer!

Step 2: Personalise your portable building 

We know that you’re hiring a portable building from our team, but just because the unit is leased to you temporarily doesn’t mean you should treat it like a hotel room! You don’t have to live in a bland canvas of a portable home: why not cosy things up a bit with a few personal touches?

Here are just a few ideas to give your portable unit that extra cosy touch this winter:

Fairy Lights

We’ve seen families hang beautiful fairy lights around the frames of their units and it totally transforms the facade of the building! Imagine arriving home (or, to your temporary home) and seeing twinkling lights greeting you and lighting your way to the door. Sounds magical, right? Not to mention, it’s a lot easier to see your key as you unlock your home!

Fluffy rugs and throws

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, fluffy rugs and throws are cheap and easily obtained by places such as K Mart and The Warehouse. Scatter throws across your furniture and bedding to set the cosiest of scenes in your home, and top things off with a cushiony ‘welcome’ mat to greet you as you walk in the door.

Soft, romantic lighting 

One guaranteed way to make your temporary dwelling feel like a family home is to invest in soft, warm lighting. Avoid harsh lights that cast strong shadows, and opt instead for yellow-hued frosted bulbs that give your portable unit that firelight-like glow.


And there you have it! If you’re looking to live in a portable building while you wait for a construction project to reach completion, get in touch with the team at Portable Building Hire New Zealand today!