The types of buildings you can hire with Portable Building Hire NZ

At Portable Building Hire, we understand just how much is involved in the establishment of a new construction site. Things are especially challenging in the winter when your team is forced to face harsh elements daily in the freezing cold wind and rain. Purpose-built shelter that’s both portable and practical is essential, and that’s where we come in. The team at Portable Building Hire have done all the hard work for you. You can have a complete site set up with a collection of our purpose-built portable buildings.

We have skillfully designed solutions for all your construction site needs, providing an unbeatable level of comfort and range of features to suite any team.

Looking for portable buildings to set up your next site? Take a look at our list of options:



Don’t make the team take their lunch breaks in their trucks or under a tarp! Hire a portable lunchroom (or portable smoko room) with a kitchenette and heat pump. When it’s bucketing down as it usually does in the winter, let your team take a much needed break and warm up in one of our well-fitted portable lunch rooms. You’ll be sure to boost morale and encourage friendships among your workers by giving them a hub in which to rest, recoup and communicate.



As above, it’s cruel to expect your team to use a miserable row of portable toilets during a cold winter’s day. Let us provide you with one of our professional and extra-hygienic portable toilet blocks! We can provide you with portable toilet blocks that suit both sexes, and we can even include showers in each block to provide your workers with a place to wash off all the sawdust, mud and concrete mix from a hard day’s work.



Meet New Zealand’s high-standard of health and safety requirements on your job site by hiring a portable medical bay. We can arrange for the transportation of a small unit to your site, perfect for your health and safety manager to set up a medical bay in which to assess and treat injuries.


If you need any of the above rooms delivered to your construction site, get in touch with the team at Portabel Building Hire today! Let’s get your portable units shipped to your site before Winter really kicks in!